Abandoned Carts No More; 6 Tips to enhance Conversion Rate

These key points determine how you actually build and authenticate your brand. Your ecommerce website is not just a flash sale site. Before starting to apply the value ladder, make sure that your website is converting at a baseline level of 1-2%.

Increase conversion rate

Building and maintaining an online store takes a lot of effort in setting up from scratch. It’s about building a solid foundation, creating a brand, sourcing amazing products, making your website etc and finally a strong online presence, right? Well, let us revisit and plan better; and magnify conversion rates.

Consumer behavior is a crucial aspect and should be researched well before building a brand.  

Most online stores convert less than 3% of traffic into subscribers or customers. Which means, to grow your business, you need to stand out from the crowd to turn your visitors into, you know, people who actually pay you.

Online marketing starts with an email list. An email list is a great treasure that you own. You can engage with a marketing list whenever you’d like for no additional cost, leveraging your powers of persuasion to turn leads into valuable customers.

Consumer behavior towards buying
Increase in Conversion Rate; Decoding Consumer Thinking

This holds true even if you are just starting out or you have a decent customer base; without getting continued conversions, your business cannot flourish. 

E – commerce stores have the following types of conversions: 

1. An online sale.

2. A user adding a product to their cart or wish list.

3. Email signups.

4. Social media shares.

5. Any other KPI your business finds valuable.

This article will guide you to increase conversion rates on your e-commerce sites so that the customer base keeps growing and is engaged. Here are the ways to increase conversion rates: 

1. Capture emails

This one is not a new tip and has been repeated many times; but this can never fail to prove itself. Capturing emails is not just about creating a welcome pop up on your website and asking visitors to leave their email ids there. It is more about upselling and cross selling campaigns, exit intent and behaviour-based campaigns where popups play the role of invaluable tools that will hit customers from multiple angles in hopes of collecting their emails.

Once the emails are recorded, you can start sending marketing emails and start learning about their shopping habits. Create popups that drive conversions by strategizing around your form fields, audience targeting, and campaign format. Experiment with the pop ups and find what works for your brand to get more leads and increase conversion rates. 

2. Use high-quality images

This is the key to creating high quality websites. High quality images make your websites look posh and add credibility to your brand. High quality images are also important in online shopping because everything is virtual, you cannot touch or see the product in person. Images are the only source of providing a clear picture of how the product looks before buying it. Click images from all angles, show the size, demonstrate how to use it with images or videos wherever required. Similarly, show all the colors on the same product page so that the buyer does not have to visit multiple pages to get what they want. Make buying easy for people because people purchase with their minds and hearts. 

3. Have great copywriting

As high-quality photos are important, high-quality copywriting has a huge role in building a brand credibility. Proofreading is the most important step towards making a good copy. Tips to write good copies include using catchy headings to grab attention, robust product descriptions to reel them in. To do so, you need not be a professional writer; you just have to write how you would communicate by speaking and provide information that customers would want to know about your products. That is all, you will hit the right spot. 

Avoid long running paragraphs, include short blocks or short lines so that everything is easily readable. It is advisable to write bullet points for product descriptions. Include a CTA to make people click and take necessary action. This product description that you write contains all the information that a consumer will want to know while deciding to buy a product. Don’t forget to add a bold CTA button that’s just begging to be clicked.

Consumer Marketing, The Marketing Thinking
Discounts affect Consumer Behaviour

4. Offer free shipping or a discount

As people are used to free shipping and returns from big players like Amazon, Flipkart; the psychology is set at the same. Now people expect the same. So, offer free shipping and discounts even if you have to increase your prices by some amount to cover the shipping costs. You can then boldly promote free shipping and discounts on your site. Offering free returns also adds a great value to your website and lucrates customers towards buying. But in case you cannot afford free shipping, don’t hesitate to mention it upfront before customers hit the checkout page. You surely don’t want your customers to have an unpleasant surprise at the checkout page. 

Play around with discounts, flash sales, up sales or cross sales to increase your average order value. Experimenting with different offers will tell you what incentivizes your customers the most.

5. Instill urgency

The thought of missing out makes customers more likely to want something more; the so-called FOMO, fear of missing out. Now and then, foster a sense of urgency with limited time coupon codes, flash sales, or by implying product scarcity. Things like ‘product is selling out soon, or only limited edition makes a product sell well. Pop ups with countdown timers prompt your customers to act quickly and buy, before the deal expires.

6. Have a smooth customer experience

A website is the best when adults, oldies and kids can access and navigate easily to make a purchase. Online shopping needs a seamless experience. If the browsing or checkout processes are too complicated, you could lose a lot of potential customers and the income that they could have generated for your brand! 

Make simple and clear navigation so that customers can easily find out what they are looking for. There should never be just one way to find a product that can fit into multiple categories.

Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Insights
Carts should be converted to orders

This value ladder might not hold true for every ecommerce website. But this does a great job and explains why you should plan your website well and decide what you will do with your customer once you get them in. Making customers visit again is valuable in terms of revenue. 

These key points determine how you actually build and authenticate your brand. Your ecommerce website is not just a flash sale site. Before starting to apply the value ladder, make sure that your website is converting at a baseline level of 1-2%.

Anjali Mathur