Technological advancement is getting at a new pace around the globe in a number of sectors. Be it education, marketing, medicine, and almost every industry that is booming drastically. It is also rightly said that Artificial Intelligence is a thriving technology that is most frequently used in the changing world.

To get a basic understanding of AI, we must know that it is the use of a computer or computer-enabled system’s capacity to process information. It provides results that are similar to human logic behavior in problem-solving and decision-making. 

AI basically aims to create intelligent computer systems that can handle and store complex data. The AI subset machine learning enables a machine to automatically learn from prior data without explicit programming.

AI and Education

One place where artificial intelligence is poised to make changes is in the sector of education. AI aims to create intelligent computer systems and advanced machinery that can handle challenging problems. The blog will walk us through the importance of AI in education, its impacts, and its applications. Also, we will take a look at government initiatives and the future of Indian learning with AI.

Remember the days when libraries used to be the only way for learning in schools and universities?  This has been a recent change after the pandemic wave wherein delivery of online classes and learning became certainly important.  Now, after a decade, it has become possible to get access to all educational material with just a click away.  And this seems to be the best way for education as now learning is booming across the country. It has enabled youth in learning technology and contributed to getting technological with the upcoming technological advancements.

This is where AI transforms the educational landscape and revolutionized the complete system. 

According to Business Today, by 2024, 47% of learning management tools will be AI-enabled. Also, AI in the education sector is expected to reach a CAGR of 40.3% in 2021-2025. Not only in India, but AI technology applications have also facilitated and improved education around the world with technological platforms such as PictoBlox AI, India’s first education interactive platform.

AI in classrooms

Youth these days is familiar with the rapid advancement of technology and marketing. It is thus imperative for them to get into the basics of AI and machine learning. Hence, across many parts of India, there have been great initiatives planned and implemented to create AI as a part of learning in regular education as well as through courses.
In rural areas specifically, it has become essential to overcome the shortage of teachers and tutors and also meet the growth of educational advancement. With 2030 objectives aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals, AI in education w.r.t India will play a key role in developing a bright future and creating capable leaders.

Contribution of AI Applications

Contribution of AI applications

In today’s age, it has become important to optimize the process of learning and facilitate learning by managing appropriate technological processes. AI being introduced for a long time now is expected to fill in gaps in teaching methodology and delivery.  This has always been a challenge for teachers to make learning compatible and easy according to every student’s requirements. AI is an integral part of the education system and has contributed in the following ways;

1) Personalised Education- AI helps in creating personalized teaching patterns for each student’s potential. It also analyses the knowledge gaps and preferences between teachers and students.

2) Guiding- AI has a lot in the room for tutoring students by solving their doubts on online education platforms through chatbots and other AI-enabled tools. Also, it helps in time management.

3) Grading system- An automated grading system that uses software and machines that replicate a human teacher’s grading pattern in education. This helps in removing human errors. The most commonly used automated grading system in the education sector is optical marking recognition (OMR) for solving objective types of questions.

4) Natural language processing- This is useful in making corrections to reports or documents. Software such as Grammarly and language translators such as Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, etc. are examples that are frequently been used by youth and students for their assignments.

5)  Creating smart content and performing administrative tasks- AI enables maintaining reports, grading papers, rescheduling classes, etc. Also, AI-based software tools will help in creating smart content.   

6) Multilingual Teaching- NLP tools are breaking down the barrier of language as a part of communication and knowledge sharing.

Government Initiatives to transform Education

India is a country with bright and like-minded youth. The generation is capable to learn and implement technical and advanced solutions in their day-to-day routine. Hence GOI has made certain initiatives to include this in basic education. The National Educational Policy, 2020 has recommended including AI in the curriculum.

The National Education Policy, introduced in 2020, has recommended introducing contemporary subjects like Artificial Intelligence in the curriculum. Moreover, CBSE and NCERT introduced the course for AI from the session 2020-2021. Also, a Four Year Integrated Teacher Education Program (ITEP) and NISHTHA are introduced for teachers and principals for educational management and learning of AI tools. The program is conducted on an online platform called DIKSHA.

With such initiatives, it becomes vital for the upcoming generation to adapt to the upcoming and in fact ongoing transformation to have a better and bright future in education.

Future of Indian Education with AI-

AI is developing drastically in education and creating superb learning techniques for students out there. It has not only given a new perspective of education to parents, teachers, and students but also has a blooming future ahead on the path of education. AI in education has given a completely new perspective of looking at education to teachers, students, parents, and of course, educational institutions as well.

Isn’t it exciting to see smart tech institutes and machinery out there? In India, AI technology has the potential to handle human resources and convert them into hi-tech tools and software. Hence It becomes essential to come forward with the world and contribute to the initiative to include the subject of AI in basic learning for children and youth specifically. As rightly can be seen, the future of Indian Education clearly is in the hands of AI.   

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