brain waves

Very soon you would write books with the power of your mind. Haah, as if people didn’t do so till now or before. What it means is, you can write without typing at all, just through your brain waves.

You’d send emails, without getting out of a party or taking out your phone.

Stephen Hawking, for example, often communicated the same way. No doubt a superior more accessible to masses version is around the corner. Imagine you typing using signals from your brain. Wow!

Facebook’s research unit Building 8 is working to free people from their phones. This would give the ability to text a friend without taking out your phone or sending a quick email without leaving a party. Researchers have already found it possible to use brain waves for typing to eight words per minute.

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If you want to be a CEO, you should be the middle child.

The power of the brain is much greater than what is translated through speech.

That’s all fancy, but imagine the power of this technology. The Brain-to-Text software has the potential to transform the lives of those who have lost the ability to communicate effectively.

Alive but trapped in a dead body, unable to bat an eyelid, but having an active mind, painfully helpless. German neuroscientist has given voice to such patients around the world with the help of brain waves.

brain wavesThe possibilities with this technology are enormous. We as a race (homo sapiens) seems to be in a race to come up with the next ‘world changing technology’. Self-driving cars and artificial intelligence are already a rage, but several startups have begun work on understanding the untapped power of the brain.

This is just the beginning, the prospects are really endless. Transporting to different planets and zones in minutes or Vulcan-like mind melds courtesy Star Trek.


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