62% of Indian viewers like seeing ads for products and services online.

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A video ad tech company has revealed findings from a study which says – 62 per cent of Indian viewers like seeing ads for products and services online. The global average for the same is 28 per cent. This survey was undertaken in September 2016, amongst a sample of 500 respondents from India.

The survey also found that Indian audiences are ‘very receptive’ to online video ads.

Other consumer insights from the survey were:

Indians are more likely to want to be control of video ads than the global average. Also, 71 per cent of Indian consumers says they want to be able to control when the ad starts to play and close it whenever they want.

The global average is 62%. 83% of Indian consumers would consider using ad blocking software. The worldwide average is 92.6%. The most common reasons why they would block ads are because they think there are too many ads (53 percent) and because they are sick of seeing the same ad over and over again (52 per cent).

Indian viewers

Over 20 per cent of Indian viewers consider videos older than a day too late to share (highest worldwide). 50 percent of baby boomers and 49 percent of older millennials think it’s never too late to share good content.

Indians are less likely to mute video ads. Less than a third of all Indian viewers mute video adverts.

77 per cent of Indian viewers loses trust in brands when their ads feel fake.

The global average is 76.2 per cent. Indians are most likely worldwide to want future online video ads to be useful and authentic. 79 per cent of Indian viewers want ads to embody the values and behaviors of brands

Source: Campaign India

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