Chalo marketing kar ney chaltey hain (Come let us go for marketing!)

marketing thinking

It is really funny, each time we have to go for shopping, my dad says, chalo marketing kar ney chaltey hain (let us go for marketing).

Not to any surprise, buying (selling) and marketing are seen as same. However, there is a difference. But whatever it may be, the point is, we all have experiences with marketing either professionally or as consumers.

Consequently, everyone has an opinion about marketing. An opinion, a viewpoint is a good form of feedback. And feedback, good, bad ugly is gold for the Marketing Thinker. Incidentally, listening to your consumer is an acquired skill.

Marketing Thinking is a specialists job. A specialist is one who has mastered the skill of one particular trade while a generalist is someone who has a fair knowledge of all trades but not an expert in any.

Like any specialist profession, one needs to continuously develop and add to their skills. No doubt, when things are considered in the context of today and near future – the rapid technology change, the abundance of choice, AI on the horizon, staying relevant to the ask is critical.

For the most part of the Marketing Thinking and also as stated by many eminent marketing thinkers, if you wish to win the marketing battles you have to live and breath the consumer. The ‘Consumermania’ is the fundamental of the Marketing Thinking. Here are the traits of today and tomorrow’s marketing thinker.

The knack to spot what makes people tick. 

A natural flair to understand people’s behavior, how, what they think. Why do they conduct themselves the way they do and what motivates them to be who they are?

One needs an instinctive curiosity to try and understand people’s thoughts and behaviors — why they are the way they are, why they do what they do, and what are the motivations behind their actions.

Reading the minds and hearts of people, their thoughts and the psychology behind things — life stories, life-changing moments, their untold stories should make you want for even more. You should be intrigued about what is going in the background, the reason, the thinking which is initiating a particular behavior or action. You should be in love with spotting insights.

Spotting trends early. 

The Marketing Thinking revolves around an intuitive ability to spot what is going to be a hit. It’s like when you hear a new song, you predict it’s going to hit the top of charts and it does.

Similarly, new technology, fashion, media, app — you’re able to see how any of these or more will strike a chord with the consumer. How one of many will become the new fad. The way people’s behaviors and attitudes will drift and shift, what the new consumer trends going to be, and, how the path to purchase, the consumer journey evolve.

Having an eye for design. 

marketing thinking design

Ahha, design is one of the three most important components in a Brand’s success. Design has to contribute in all the consumer-facing elements. Big or small, the core of the design should translate to everything.

A good design speaks of quality, the credibility of its products and people behind it. The marketing design mantra is to appeal to all the five senses of the customer. At a given instance (touch point) if you’re able to strike three, you are home. A lasting impression is made.

People want to be awed time and again. The delight to be the first to discover the best, knowing the best and letting it known to others, is such a high for them. It elevates their value and social significance.

the marketing thinking

Here’s an insight, people tend to buy things even when they don’t need them. Why? The reason, the stuff looked damn good! As said, what you wear and hold represents you — it doesn’t need to be expensive or luxurious — it just needs to be unique and should look good — at least to your eyes and senses.

Selling in a strategic & artful way.

The money will happen, provided, you think about people, your potential consumers – the target audience.

Marketing Thinking is always about how you’ll make the consumer fall in love with your brand and not just sell. Turn them into advocates. Make the brand a part of their lifestyle.

aheadSelling through effective communication is an art, each time you leave a compelling reason other than price for the consumer to remember the brand and come back when the need arise. Hence how you communicate and advertise has an important role to play.

Most people complain they find ads intrusive. No doubt, it happens because the ads are made to hard sell. The advertisers don’t really care about how the consumer consumes communication. Good advertising other than selling, creating awareness, lifts the mood. It inspires, it’s intriguing enough to be looked at and not the other way around.

Unlike most people, advertising appeals to the marketing thinkers. They take to it like fish takes to water. What excites them, even more, is analyzing the ads – does the message connect with the audience, is it memorable, does it linger in the minds, touch the hearts, does it connect and finally is it able to influence actions.

Marketing Thinking is what differentiates you. This is what would separate you from the rest. Find the unique value, offer it to your customer, communicating it in a creative and persuasive way. 

the marketing thinkingThere are multiple aspects to a business and brand. And you are like a conductor to an orchestra, a holistic thinker with an analytical mind. An effortless influence, having the capacity and capability to take people together, to spot talent, the strength in others. You have to possess the charisma to inspire others. Easy said than done, but keep trying. After all, it’s a specialist’s job.

Simple steps to effectively execute the marketing thinking:

Set a goal. What are you (or the company) really passionate about? Identify the ‘real’ mission.

Post which, acquire deep knowledge of the consumer – become a part of them. The more you become them, you’ll create content and messages that’ll resonate with them.

Stay nimble, be ready to create and change as per the consumer’s need and want. Almost every single thing revolves around benefiting the customer.

The Marketing Thinking (tMt) Mantra –

Constantly questioning both the familiar and the new — Stay open to learning and sharing — Create resources beyond today — Have a mix of logic and emotions – Be open to not solving every issue.

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