College knowledge_ nobody will tell you this.

college and knowledge

you wouldn’t believe if were told in college that everyone struggles professionally at some point.

The degree and nature may vary. But these are the times when true answers are revealed.

college knowledge
Confusion is OK.

Things that nobody tells the college goer _

  • the professional career is going to be like a sine curve. Periodic oscillations of constant amplitude. get used to it fast, the sooner the better
  • no body cares for your pride, so first prove yourself, college is a good start to do so
  • you dread and despise your college teachers, because you haven’t dealt with a person called boss
  • your mistakes are yours, don’t blame others, learn from them and move ahead
  • your parents were not so humdrum and boring, your upbringing has turned them that way
  • you will find consolation prizes only in college, the rules of the professional life are different. losers don’t get the next chance
  • you don’t have summer vacations or long holidays as in school and college, you will not get any extra time to learn, learn to do more than what is expected of you in the same time
  • never tease and make too much fun of the nerdy, bookworms or hardworking friends, there will be a time where you may have to work under them

Ironically, our finest moments are likely to occur when we are feeling uncomfortable, unhappy, or unfulfilled. In such moments, you get propelled by the discomfort. This is likely to step us out of the rut. We start searching for different ways to win. Or at least find truer answers. Coming closer to knowing what we are good at.

5 Tips if you have taken up a job while pursuing College

  1. Do a cost benefit analysis – mostly people take up a job in college to survive or to have some extra money. But, at the end of each semester, do an honest analysis of gains and misses both at your work and school. Be honest in assessing if it is worth.
  2. Apply your skills – think how you can apply theory to practical and vice versa. It can improve your efficiency.
  3. Build relationships – at both places. There is a strong possibility they may pay off in the future.
  4. Understand the difference between wasting time and taking your time.
  5. When a lot is going on, prioritize tasks so you can accomplish everything in order of importance.

Happy College !

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