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You work hard to develop the product or service. You fight to solve the financial issues. You go out and promote the business and sell the product. And in the process, you forget about leading your own people.

Take a time-out and ask yourself _

What’s my meaningful sense of direction for the company, with precise strategic goals that can be measured? Share these with your teammates, bring them onboard to your thinking.

It turns out, the skills and talents necessary to guide your team in the right direction can be simple, and anyone with the determination can develop them.

A #leader cannot demand employees to work, while he sits there checking his Social Pages feed.

Here are the top 5 secrets of a performing leader:

#1. You’re as good as your team

When you run a small business, there is a tendency to assume your team understands your goals and mission — and they may. But, everybody needs to be reminded of where the company’s going and what things will look like when you get there.

It’s important to paint that picture for your team. Take the time to really understand the people who are helping you build your business.

You have to bring people into your world and communicate really proactively.”

#2. Overcommunicate

Make a definite effort to overcommunicate with your staff, share emails related to business and unrelated to business. Keep surprising with good news. Even if there is not any, by sharing forecasts, stories of turnarounds etc. Make everyone feel like they really have a lot of momentum, even in difficult times.

leader swipe#3. Creative Swiping

The true litmus test for leadership lies in the ability to straddle across multiple scenarios, which may extend beyond his established routine.

A good leader ideates while a great leader creates.

#4. Never-say-die, make it happen.

never-say-die soldier keeps on fighting even when the situation is scary and dangerous. Leadership is about creating the conditions for others to succeed. It’s about understanding the situation and what motivates and inspires in that situation. Anticipate and address the team and client’s concerns.

Be conscious of the changing environment. In the last 10 years or less, the entire managerial landscape has changed and technology has come to the forefront.

#5. Show vulnerability

Leaders don’t have all of the answers, nor should they act as if they do.

Learn from the choices #ShahrukhKhan and #AmitabhBachan made by playing characters in the starting days of their careers. They played characters which had shades of weakness, failure. Characters which were clear suspect of being not at all perfect.

Employees appreciate and respect leaders who recognize, understand, and admit their own limitations, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.  They are humble, honest, admit their mistakes, and they are sometimes labeled “down to earth” because they are well-grounded and relatable with their people.  Leaders who understand their own vulnerabilities will appreciate and show compassion for others’ vulnerabilities.

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