settled and satisfied

As we lazed around the living room table just after office, waiting to have tea together, ritual. We gathered our energy with another day just about folding up. Reminding our teenage son to fix his homework first and then do whatever he feels like doing. A thought snapped in. For about past six years, we have been waiting for our financial situation to improve. Even though our income has increased every year, it doesn’t feel like it. Feels there is still so much we are unable to do. Are we settled and satisfied in life?

settled and satisfied

Most people, no matter what their current financial situation, feel they need just 10% more income in order to be happy, settled and satisfied with life. 

The elusive last 10% syndrome. Forever unsettled and unsatisfied, the 10% more rule applied 5 years ago and even today.

The striving. The dreaming is essential. However, the trap is, when you start filling up your time with abstract ideas about life, existence and other things that are not part of the physical world. Filling time, looking around the home or career imaging improvements. Thinking need be some enhancement would subside the fear of future.

Researches and studies have proven that not being able to contain one’s mind can be scary and detrimental to anyone’s life. The ego latches onto comments, likes, glances, situations, and outcomes. And we replay them over and over in hope of self-assurance and understanding.

How often do you read the newspaper peacefully?

We prevent our self from being happy. While sometimes the thorough approach to problems and tasks is helpful. But one has to train the mind to stop racing away and start working against itself and goals.

Ramakrishna Paramhansa advised his disciples not to waste time over metaphysical speculations. He said that you go to a mango tree to eat mangoes, so eat them and enjoy. Why waste precious time over counting the number of branches and leaves? It will be an exercise in futility.

When you seek satisfaction through the pursuit of more, you are always left wanting at the end of the day.

it's about time
It’s about time you start enjoying what you have.
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