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SPOT.PICK.PROVOKE an insight, that is what the marketing thinking platform lets you do.

Discover the relevant consumer insights. The insight that you were looking for long are right here. Pick them from here at your will, ease and use them as per your wish. Isn’t this amazing !

Be it for your marketing plan, a conversation or a blog. But while you do so, we urge you to contribute.

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Get Inspired:

As you discover your actionable insight browsing through the rich content, you would come across multiple ideas and approaches. Which will trigger new thoughts and ideas. Don’t hesitate in testing them here at the Marketing Thinking. We love conversations, specially when it is about new ideas.


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the marketing thinking is the right platform to share your know how. It may be a presentation, article, infographic, document or a video, just don’t worry about the format. All you need is write to us and we’ll take care of it. Letting others know what you know helps you build a reputation, it cultivates professional opportunities.


Why do Consumer Insights matter? And how do consumer insights impact the Marketing Effectiveness?

When compiled properly, the consumer insights can make it almost feel like a “typical” consumer is with you in the boardroom, in your office cabin where decisions are being made.

While traditional marketing research involve gathering sacks of facts, figures and statistics to look for generalities or trends, that is just skimming the surface. For insights one has to get under the skin of their target audience. Getting inside the consumer’s head to find the “why” of a purchase, to understand what happened, and to project what could occur in the future.

Consumer insights provide an understanding that enables focussed marketing. Not only do marketers need to know how people refer to a particular product, they may even find it helpful to understand whether cultural differences play a role in product selection. Especially in a country as diverse as ours. Do people from different social or ethnic backgrounds have different preferences? Must be. Powerful consumer insights lead to happy customers and better sales for the company. Moreover, these insights are applied to business and marketing decisions to give the organisation a lead over its competitors.

Once you know why your customers react in a certain manner, it is much easier to reach out to them and ensure their loyalty.

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The singularity towards identifying and mining consumer insights is what drives him -- Seasoned Content Creator, Writer -- Built & nurtured powerful Global and Indian brands that have won consumer confidence & delivered outstanding business results
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