Are you “falling” in love with your Organization? Don’t.

Organization trap

People learn their best life and career lessons either when they are in the firing line or after they have lost a job.

Employees are hired by the organization for a purpose. They pay you for the job you do. Once the purpose is met, they no longer need you or your services.

Instead, love your job and give it your 100%, irrespective of which organization you are working for.

within meansLive within your means

The young crop of professionals are least guilty about their extravagant lifestyles.

Again, nothing wrong about splurging when you can, but it would not be a bad idea to endorse a lifestyle that is one or two levels lower than what you earn.

If your monthly take-away salary is Rs 50,000, live as if you are earning only Rs. 35,000 a month.

Always save enough for a wet day. That way, even if you are unsuccessful in finding a job for the six months, you need not panic.

Reduce your commute time

Take a job near your home. It will give you more time for yourself and automatically ease the frustration.

twotogtherHave a spouse who earns too

For men who think educated women should stay at home and only take care of kids, think of a situation when the economic burden of the family falls entirely upon you.

In this era of high inflation, it’s not a bad idea to encourage your spouse to build her career.

Even if one of you lose your job, the other is always there to keep the hearth burning.

This will also give you the confidence and help you focus on finding the right job rather feel pressurized to take up anything that comes your way.


Start a parallel business in the name of your spouse or grown-up children

If you have another source of income, it will always be helpful.

While you’re still on the job, with help from your spouse or children, invest in a small business — start a restaurant, a career consultancy, or anything you can invest your time and interest in outside of an office.

Why wait for something unfortunate to happen for you to take charge of your own life? If you imbibe the above as part of your life, you’ll not face bad news.

And even if you do, you’ll navigate through it all and emerge a winner. Always remember not to allow someone else to pull the strings of your life.

Take control of your life and be the master of your own destiny.


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